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What we teach:   

  • Sounds: "th" "sh" "ch" "ng" 
  • Accent reduction 
  • General questions 
  • Verbs
  • Numbers:  cardinal & ordinal 
  • Citizenship classes
  • Confidence to speak
Student Testimonies:

The classes are good.    Roque  Mar. 2019​

These classes have helped me a lot because it's personalized learning.   Bertha   Jan 2018 

The classes helped me practice my English. This is very important in life and necessary. 
                                      David   Aug. 2017

The private classes were great. I believe the improvement was to observe and notice more and more in details I wasn't aware of before.  
                                           Frank   May 2017 ​

These classes helped in my pronunciation and I
 understand a little more.   Camilo  Jul. 2016 

The​se classes helped me to improve my vocabulary, grammar, idioms and my pronunciation. The teacher is nice and I like the way she explains.           Jorge  Dec. 2015     

This class helped me because I needed to practice my English speaking with other persons and here I did.                              Mariana   Jul. 2015

I am happy  because I am understanding  the English language more than two months ago. And  I am speaking better English too. So having Mrs. Epps as teacher is the best thing that happened to me this year.            Juan  Mar. 2014

I learn a lot of new words but I need to say the words better.           Angelica    Sep. 2013

These English classes have helped me a lot to organize better the way I speak and listen to others and  understand them.
                                 Judith   Sep. 2012

Who we have helped:

  Caregivers /(CNA's) 
  College Students
  Construction Workers
  Domino's Pizza
  GED Students
  High School Students
  Landscaping Companies
  Molly Maids
  Small Business Owners
  Student Teachers for ESL
  Uber Drivers
  Valet Attendants